Old Mutual Foundation unveils primary school initiative

The Old Mutual Foundation announced the launch of its Little Green Ambassadors initiative this week.
The project, aimed at schools and learners across Namibia, empowers the younger generation to become heroes for the planet and champions of environmental sustainability.
The foundation will be sponsoring 56 trees to two primary schools per region. Each school will be provided with two trees, and the essentials needed for them to nurture and take care of their trees for a three-month period.
At the end of three months, an evaluation will be done by a panel of judges to see which school was able to best take care of their trees. Prizes up for grabs are: First place of N$20 000, second place of N$15 000, third place of N$10 000, fourth place of N$5 000 and fifth place of N$3 000.
The Little Green Ambassadors initiative invites all primary schools and learners to complete an online form along with a 30-second video shared via 081 661 0858 to showcase their commitment to the environment by 22 September.
By doing so, participants get a chance to win two Old Mutual Foundation trees for their school and elect a Little Green Ambassador who will lead the way in nurturing the trees and raising awareness about environmental issues in their school and community.
Mignon du Preez, the Old Mutual Group's marketing, public affairs and sustainability executive, expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, saying: "The Little Green Ambassadors initiative represents our commitment to building a brighter future for Namibia, one tree at a time.
"We believe in the power of young minds and their ability to bring about meaningful change. By empowering our youth, we are sowing the seeds of environmental responsibility and nurturing a generation that understands the importance of sustainability."