Overcoming creative block for the holidays

Sirkka Mudjanima
As the holidays draw near, many creative young minds plan on taking the festive time to create and explore their creative talents.
As a result of all the studying and arduous mental labour that have gone into making sure one not only passes but thoroughly aces the final examinations, creative blockages are to be expected along the journey of exploring one's talents.
This is natural, as learners have been focused on work that has required them to use more of their analytical brain than their creative side.
Creative block is the inability to come up with new ideas.
It can happen while you’re working on an existing project or when you are trying to create something completely original and haven’t yet figured out what it should be about. You feel stuck and empty, like you just don’t have any more ideas left in the creative tank.
"No matter how hard you try, you just can’t come up with something fresh and new," said one ninth grader who loves to draw but sometimes struggles as a result of creative block.
If you’re like most creative people, you get some of your best creative ideas when you’re doing something else, like taking a walk or a shower.
When you step away, your subconscious keeps working on the problem and will often come up with new ideas.
Sometimes it takes the direct opposite of a spontaneous walk to do the trick; sometimes creating a routine and setting aside time every day of the holiday to get creative work done also does the trick since your brain then internalises this routine and it later becomes a habit to create during that time.