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Nanso launches ICT package
Michelline Nawatises
The Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso) launched an information and communication technology package on 14 September at the National Youth Council in Windhoek.

The ICT package is aimed at enhancing the organisation’s visibility and patriotism among Nanso members and constituents, while spearheading its #RoadTo400kMembers through digital interactions and the organisation’s brand representation.

The package includes Nanso’s new and revamped website, the first issue of The Students’ Voice newsletter and a graphic design manual.

At the launch, Nanso highlighted the importance of the package and gave an overview of the organisation’s overall brand and image.

Nanso spokesperson Dorthea Nangolo said “the sole purpose of the launch is to officially release the website, allowing all our constituents to visit the new website, and to begin the journey of our digital membership drive through the website.”

In the same vein, the newsletter that was launched contained an overview of the national executive committee and the mass mobilisation rally that attracted over 6 000 learners, students and trainees marching from different routes to the Khomasdal Stadium.

Continued efforts

The president of the organisation, Lucia Ndishishi, said the project included reforming the manner and medium through which they communicate with their stakeholders and audience and developing high-quality, aesthetically pleasing marketing material.

“This launch is a big step in our journey towards 400 000 members, because the website also has an online membership application feature and the newsletter will continue to capture the work, advocacy and history of Nanso,” she said.

She said the newsletter captures the stories of ordinary students, learners, and trainees and gives young writers a platform to publish their original pieces.

It will also provide updates on ongoing projects such as their work in various regions and branches and the organisation’s position on issues within and outside the education system.