Tchivanda: A tennis star in the making

Isascar Kaninab
Antonio Frederico Tchivanda is a rising tennis player who was born in Angola and moved to Namibia at the age of two. He lives in the wonderful town of Swakopmund and is a learner at Westside High School.
Tchivanda is a 16-year-old athlete who has made a name for himself not only locally, but internationally as well. He impresses audiences with his skill and determination on the court. He started playing tennis at a young age and quickly fell in love with the sport.
Tchivanda tackles both academics and sport as an extracurricular activity. He mentioned that being a high school learner can sometimes be a stressful, with a tennis career on top of that making it even more challenging.
"At times I have to do my homework and assignments at night - which hinders my sleep - but even with these difficulties, I manage to stay grounded, which is something admirable," he said.
He recently took part in a tournament in Angola and competed against numerous other opponents. He faced some tough competition, but yet managed to stand his ground and make it to the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, he lost in both of his categories in the under-16 and under-18 divisions.
Despite the defeat, Tchivanda remained positive and focused on improving his game.
He expressed gratitude to be able to compete in Angola. He also mentioned that he is excited to continue his journey as a professional tennis player. His performance in Angola has garnered him a lot of attention from the tennis world.
Tchivanda also said he had a lot of opportunities to play in other countries, but sadly had to decline the exciting offers due to school work.
His mother said focusing only on tennis can be detrimental to his performance in school. That is why he is trying his utmost best to focus on his education.
Despite facing challenges with balancing school and tennis, Tchivanda remains committed to both pursuits.
We hope that he will compete in several other international tournaments in the coming years. He is a skilled tennis player and has potential. Some have even predicted that he could become a top-ranked player in the future. His family, friends and peers are eagerly awaiting his next performance on the court.