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The My Zone team asked the record-breakers at the Napso Standard Bank and Coca Cola athletics how they feel about their achievements. This is what they had to say.
Elleke Potgieter (Tsumeb Gymnasium):
I am actually really proud of myself because I did not make it at the previous national athletics in Swakopmund. I got it right this time and I am really happy about it. I practiced a lot. We had zonals the previous weekend. I kept on practicing for two weeks and it went well.
Potgieter broke the shotput record for girls under-15.

Hafeni Fillemon (Oranjemund Private School):
I feel amazing. On the bus as we were coming to Keetmans, I told my friend that I will break the record. Now he owes me N$10. My father is my coach and I practice with him every single day, except on Sundays. I always go to the cricket or rugby field and I do five laps. That is how I broke the record.
Fillemon broke the long jump record for boys under-10.

Ane Oosthuizen (Tsumeb Gymnasium):
I feel good for breaking the high jump record. Before the athletics, I gave my best and hoped that I would break my personal best.
Oosthuizen broke the high jump record for girls under-12.

Allessandro Kathindi (Laerskool Walvisbaai):
I feel very good for breaking this record because I worked really hard to do so. I was very anxious because I had a lot of pressure, but now I’m just happy I made it through.
Kathindi broke the high jump record for boys under-13.

Ernesto Mangundu (Oranjemund Private School):
I feel good about breaking the record. I practiced really hard. The school taught me to do stretches and to keep it slow.
Mangundu broke the 1 200-metre record for boys under-12.

Junel Heunis (Windhoek Afrikaans Private School):
I feel very good about breaking the record and practice was really nice.
Heunis broke the standing long jump record for girls under-8.