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Are side hustles important in university?

Azor Hijarunguru
It is necessary to have many side hustles in university. But it is important to keep them balanced with your schoolwork. My side hustles are making music and robotics and this helps me get a little extra money each month.

Siyanda Ndhlovu
I think it is quite a good idea to have a side hustle in University. You can help your parents to pay for your education and even be able to make an income for other expenses.

Roberto Nkololo
Yes, every student needs some extra money and this gives them the opportunity. Side hustles also gives you an introduction to the working class. You also learn some networking skills and build contacts.

Tjarirove Humavindu
They are important, but it depends on what situation you are in. It is best for your studies to come first and that you get a part-time job. But side hustles can also groom a person and teach them more about work life.

Merelyn Ngondo
I do feel it is important. Apart from your academic work, you learn many skills this way and you can earn money through side hustles as well.

Genevieve Bantam
Yes, side hustles teach us to be independent and provide knowledge of the outside world. They are very useful in developing communication skills and also teaching you how to work with different people.