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The MyZone team asked the youth if they think compulsory civic education in schools is a good idea.
Delano Hansen
Yes, mandatory civic education in schools is beneficial. It equips students with a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities as citizens, encourages active participation in democratic processes, and fosters a sense of community and social responsibility. By educating young people about the workings of government and the importance of civic engagement, we can help create a more informed and engaged populace.

Hendrick Oosthuizen
Civic education is valuable as it increases knowledge about a person’s own rights, responsibilities and roles within a society. In general, when citizens are informed, it leads to democratic engagement and encourages participation in civic duties.

Jovane Narib
Compulsory civic education in schools is a good idea because it helps learners become informed and engaged citizens. Understanding government structures, rights, and responsibilities fosters a sense of civic duty and encourages participation in democratic processes. It promotes critical thinking, awareness of social issues, and the ability to advocate for positive change. Additionally, it can reduce political polarisation by providing a common foundation of knowledge and values, contributing to a more cohesive and informed society.

Christof Lange
Yes! I think civic education is crucial because it gives individuals knowledge about their rights and responsibilities as citizens. It makes people more informed and creates active participation in democratic processes. Furthermore, it promotes understanding of government structures and encourages critical thinking about social issues. This ultimately strengthens a whole society and ensures a well-functioning democracy because everyone has a basic understanding of it.

Laura Uuyuni
Very much so, yes.
Our country is in dire need of change, and the only ones who can bring about that change are the youth.
However, how are we to know our civic responsibilities and how to go about making an educated choice in elections if we don’t even know the benefits of voting and why we even need to register for voters’ cards? Education is important, but with our society constantly growing and progressing, our elders need to take responsibility for actually educating us on the topic. The younger the lessons begin, the better.