A 12-year journey in retirement consultancy

Dedication, passion and career wisdom
Ngutonua shares her experience as a long-serving employee at Alexforbes.
Wetumwene Shikage
Associate consultant at Alexforbes, Fredrica Ngutonua shares her experience as one of the long-serving employees at the company.
Working for a single company for over a decade is a rare feat today. Yet, she said her connection to the organisation goes far beyond a mere employment agreement.
“It is an unwavering commitment to my passion and purpose,” she said.
‘I’ve been a part of Alexforbes for approximately 12 years. I began as an assistant consultant and gradually climbed the ranks to become an associate consultant."
She added that the the journey has been a rewarding one, marked by continuous growth and learning.
"When I’m asked why I’ve stayed with the company for so long, I usually answer: 'I have a passion for the brand and love assisting members in understanding the importance of retirement savings and its benefits’. The desire to make a positive impact has been the driving force behind my long-standing commitment," she said.

A place where employees thrive
"A place where everyone’s unique perspectives and experience are valued – this is what I love most about our workplace. The inclusive culture fosters diversity, creativity and collaboration, making it a place where employees can thrive," Ngutonua said about Alexforbes.
To excel as a financial consultant, she highlighted the following key principles: "Keep learning to stay updated and offer the best advice. Focus on your clients, build trust and understand their financial needs. Always act with integrity to maintain trust. Be an expert in financial planning, like retirement and risk management. Understand risk, both in financial markets and for your clients, to provide advice that matches their goals and risk tolerance".

Motivation at work
Her motivation is that she makes a positive impact in her clients’ life when they retire, adding that knowing that her work plays a part in securing the financial future of individuals is a powerful motivator.
"To tackle challenges in financial consulting, remember three things: Keep learning to stay updated, communicate clearly with your clients, and be flexible and creative when solving problems," she advised.
She added that if there’s one thing she could improve, it would be to introduce financial literacy and the importance of retirement savings in secondary schools.
Financial education from a young age can have a lasting impact on an individual’s financial decisions, she said.

Roles and responsibilities
"As a financial consultant, my role is to help clients make sound financial decisions for a secure future. Dealing with a wide range of clients in this job is exciting – it involves creative thinking, simplifying financial terms and assisting clients with their financial needs," Ngutonua said.
Building trust is crucial in this profession, she added, "as success is built on trust. The more I understand a client, the more valuable it is because they share crucial information that’s needed for comprehensive financial advice".
When asked what advice she would offer to Namibian youth, she had a few gems to share.
"Choose subjects according to what you love. My job is more suitable for those who love working and helping people. Never underestimate your God-given gifts and talents, as they enable you to dream big. Always have a vision for your life, for when there’s a vision, God provides".