A passion for teaching

Dedicating her life to the education of Namibian learners
Jamie-Lee Loss
Anna-Moline Uaaka is a teacher at Academia Secondary School. Her current focus is entrepreneurship, which she said is her favourite subject, which she can teach to learners in grades five to 12. She added that she can teach about 10 other subjects.
Uaaka has been a teacher for 23 years and adores her job. She said she can't picture herself doing anything other than teaching and that the longer she does it, the more hooked she becomes.
“Teaching is not just about teaching; it is about shaping someone's future. It is a special and a rare blessing to mould someone's life,” said Uaaka.
Nothing, according to her, makes her happier than seeing her learners succeed. She imparts knowledge to learners to ensure that they comprehend their surroundings and seeks to develop Namibian entrepreneurs.
Apart from teaching, she also trains teachers on how to go about implementing the Namibian education curriculum as far as entrepreneurship is concerned.
Every day, she teaches and assesses her learners. Since she has a family to take care of, she marks all her learners’ work at school. She highlighted that she’s a quick marker, and that she enjoys it. She usually plans her lessons in advance so she has enough time to concentrate on a few key goals.
Uaaka can be described as a very energetic person because she stands by the word of God that says "With God, nothing is impossible” and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".
Everyone has dreams and Uaaka’s dream was to use her own textbook in her class. Being the very determined and hardworking woman that she is, she has achieved that. In a period of five years, she authored 13 books for grades eight to 12. She is currently doing final touches to the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level textbook and said before the end of this year, her AS learners will be exposed to their teacher's textbook as well.
Besides being an author of her own textbooks, she was fortunate enough to develop online materials for the Namibia College of Open Learning (Namcol) on Notesmaster.
“It was something new and quite rewarding. I advise all learners from grade eight to 12 to register and make use of Notesmaster.”
Finally, Uaaka emphasised that each learner is different and occasionally they need a pat on the back and a little boost to succeed.