Carol Musarurwa: A champion for children's health

Transforming lives through the Nampharm Foundation
As the Nampharm Foundation manager, Carol Musarurwa views her work as an opportunity to bring lasting change for many families in Namibia.
Nankali Kamwanga
Hailing from Zimbabwe, Carol Musarurwa, the foundation manager and strategic account manager at Nampharm Foundation, has navigated unexpected turns with unwavering dedication to improve the lives of Namibians.
At first, she harboured aspirations to join the hospitality industry after completing her education as an executive secretary.
However, fate intervened when, in 2005, she was approached by Frederik van der Walt, the director of Nampharm and founder of the Nampharm Foundation, to spearhead the organisation's critical mission.
"It was a calling I couldn't ignore," she recalled, reflecting on the moment that steered her towards a career dedicated to social welfare. “I consider myself blessed to be able to make the impact that I make on these families, an opportunity that not many people get. I am honoured to be in this position, and therefore, do not take anything for granted,” she added.

Children in need
The Nampharm Foundation was established as a social responsibility initiative by Nampharm, a Namibian-based pharmaceutical distributor. Nampharm Foundation was established to benefit the children of Namibia. The foundation was founded in 2005 with a specific focus on providing medical treatments for children in need.
Hospitals and health centres contact the Nampharm Foundation and provide necessary information about children across Namibia who need surgery for cleft lip and cleft palate.
The main purpose of the foundation is to utilise funds to provide medicine, medical treatments and information sessions for people suffering from cleft palate and cleft lip issues.
At Nampharm, Musarurwa’s role is multifaceted. She oversees the foundation's operations with care, ensuring that funds are managed responsibly and medical procedures for children across Namibia are coordinated seamlessly.
Musarurwa incorporates Nampharm's leadership principles, which include a focus on customer satisfaction, operational excellence and continuous improvement. Her responsibilities include maintaining a comprehensive database, scheduling crucial medical appointments and tirelessly advocating for each child's well-being.

Every day an opportunity
Her job is not without its challenges. From navigating language barriers to addressing cultural misconceptions about medical conditions, she approaches each obstacle with resilience and resourcefulness. She is actively spearheading educational campaigns in collaboration with the health ministry to raise awareness in undeserved regions, aiming to ensure that every child in need receives the care they deserve.
Reflecting on her proudest moments, she emphasises the joy of witnessing the transformation in children's lives post-surgery. Her dedication has not gone unnoticed, earning her admiration and respect from colleagues and communities alike.
For aspiring leaders in the field, Carol offers this advice. "Every day presents an opportunity to make a difference," she said, encouraging others to join in the collective effort to improve healthcare accessibility and outcomes. Musarurwa embodies the spirit of compassionate leadership and unwavering dedication.
She remains deeply committed to engaging with communities through regular home visits and educational sessions, creating a culture of health awareness and support throughout the region.
Beyond her professional achievements, Musarurwa finds peace in gardening and home decor, hobbies that offer a therapeutic balance to her demanding role.