City initiates World Car Free Day celebrations

Reducing the carbon footprint
Wetumwene Shikage
On Thursday, the City of Windhoek joined the rest of the world to celebrate World Car Free Day under the theme "Reducing our carbon footprin".
City employees and Windhoek residents cycled and walked five kilometers, starting from the municipality’s Khomasdal Customer Care Centre and ending at the City’s parking area on Independence Avenue.
The aim of the event was to raise awareness of carbon emissions and air pollution in Namibia and to encourage residents to embrace the use of alternative modes of transport other than their private vehicles.
Lorraine !Gaoses from the City, said Windhoek is becoming motorised to such an extent that air pollution from vehicle exhaust fumes is fast becoming a concern.
"In addition to raising awareness of air pollution, the event promotes non-motorised transportation as a green alternative. We encourage residents to embrace the use of alternative modes of transportation other than a dependence on using their private vehicles daily," she said.
Windhoek mayor Sade Gawanas said: "We have invited Windhoek residents to come out today and celebrate Car Free Day to retain the spirit of working together and doing things together. Making use of alternative ways of transport also encourages cycling in Windhoek as well as caring for our health."
City police chief Abraham Kanime, head of the Windhoek municipal police service, also took part in the event.
He said taking part encourages people to walk, cycle and make use of public transport more.
"This is good for your health and helps with the climate change we are currently experiencing," he said.