Dasneves: Tech luminary navigates creativity

Movers & Shakers
Dasneves cautions individuals not to fall prey to traditional strategies and routines of time management, encouraging them to find a unique approach that suits them best.
Mariud Ngula
Nathan L.P. Dasneves is a multifaceted tech professional with over seven years of software engineering experience.
He serves as a technical support specialist at Aztech Consulting CC and, in addition, is an author and podcast host.
He has an inherent knack for creativity, sprouting from his early childhood years through poetry, music and writing. His passion for a creative career earned him a degree in software engineering from the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST).
His strong foundation in .NET frameworks, the versatility of Python, the dynamic world of web development and the immersive realm of 3D game development and design have led him to win numerous awards. These include competitions like Python programming, the 4th Open Data Hackathon and the Nust annual competition.

His professional interests extend beyond coding.
He has a strong passion for reading and writing.
His first book, ‘Allegor: A Metaphorical Journey About Life and Pursuing Dreams', was published in 2022. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.
“In this book, I try to depict the inherent human journey of pursuing one’s goals and aspirations through an extended allegory. A journey I think everyone’s compelled to take on at some stage in their lives”, Dasneves said.

Chasing a spark
In 'Chase the Spark', his upcoming book, he explores the central theme of pursuing ideas. The book delves into the notion that each person is moulded by a distinctive mix of advantages and disadvantages throughout their lives. Despite these differences, Dasneves is confident that the one common gift we all have is our ability to generate an 'idea'.
“Though they may start as tiny flames like that of a matchstick, they wield the potential to either quietly fade away or ignite the world in a blaze of transformation.”
The potential of this transformation is evident in his launch of the ShareFest podcast, which he dedicates to highlighting a broad spectrum of personalities.
Dasneves said he aims to offer a near-to-reality perspective of what it truly means to pursue a career or passion. In each episode, he engages in conversations that encapsulate the essence of his guests’ unique experiences and insights, aiming to provide listeners with a diverse and enriching perspective. ShareFest also exposes young listeners to a wide array of available careers, bridging the gap between aspiration and attainability.

Small pursuits matter
Dasneves admitted that balancing technical work, writing and podcasting has not been an easy feat. He cautioned individuals not to fall prey to traditional strategies and routines of time management, as different systems work for different people.
He urged them to find their personal approach to being productive and stick to that.
According to Dasneves, finding a personal approach has helped him maintain a sense of control and accomplishment. This, he said, prevents anxiety and depression associated with unfinished tasks or a lack of active pursuits.
"Also, be mindful to never underestimate the value of the small efforts you put into your pursuits. It is these consistent, incremental actions that build the foundation for the extraordinary accomplishments we aspire to achieve.”