David Emvula: ‘Young Farmer’ drives agricultural innovation

A passion for farming
Emvula aims to expand AgroGreen Investments CC not only to maximise production, but also to improve agricultural practices and create jobs.
Raimo Dengeinge
David Emvula, widely referred to as 'Young Farmer', is a dynamic agricultural entrepreneur with a clear vision for transforming the agricultural landscape in the northern regions of Namibia.
At just 26 years old, Emvula has already made significant strides in poultry farming, horticulture and mentorship through his company, AgroGreen Investments CC, showcasing his commitment to enhancing food security and creating employment opportunities.
After completing high school, Emvula pursued a diploma in agriculture at the University of Namibia, Ogongo campus.He gained practical experience at Outapi DVS and later served as a manager at Nam Wi Poultry Farm, where he managed the production of 900 eggs per day."I fell in love with animal health and handling," Emvula said about his time at the veterinary clinic in Outapi.
New business
After nine months, he resigned from Nam Wi Poultry to start AgroGreen Investments CC in 2022, with the help of a benefactor who assisted him in registering his business.
AgroGreen Investments CC, based in Ondangwa, offers a variety of services beyond poultry farming, including horticulture and pig farming.
The company specialises in different chicken breeds, such as Lohmann browns, black Australorp and guinea fowl, and provides feed, supplements and medications for chickens.With a team of four, Emvula leads the company as the managing director. "Our main purpose is not only to sell chickens but also to offer services like poultry farming training and mentorships," Emvula explains.Emvula's entrepreneurial journey is marked by a passion for agriculture and a drive to create a lasting impact.
His company not only sells chickens but also provides poultry farming training, mentorships and consultancy services.
Facing challenges
His dedication has earned recognition from the Aspiring Farmers Association of Namibia and the ministry of agriculture, highlighting his role in training young people in poultry farming.
"Last week, I was contacted by NamAFa (the Aspiring Farmers Association of Namibia) to conduct training for young people in poultry farming," he said.Emvula's path has not been without obstacles. He faced initial challenges with capital, dealing with diseases and navigating complex import operational procedures.
"The first challenge was capital. Until today, I was not funded. Everything that I have now is just from the little profit that I reinvest in the business," he shares.
However, his proactive marketing strategies and perseverance have helped him build a strong customer base and overcome these hurdles.
Outside of his professional life, Emvula spends most of his free time at his farm, working with plants and goats. He uses social media to market his products and offers online lessons, demonstrating his commitment to both his business and community education.
"Most of my free time is spent on the farm with either plants or goats," he says. "I also give online lessons and market my products through social media."
The future
Looking ahead, Emvula aims to expand AgroGreen Investments CC to other towns above and below the Red Line (veterinary cordon fence) and establish a bigger farm to maximise production.
Better Namibia
By creating more employment opportunities and enhancing agricultural practices, he hopes to contribute significantly to Namibia's economy. "If I could have offices in multiple towns, it would be convenient for me and beneficial for the community," he said.
Emvula encourages young people to explore opportunities in agriculture, emphasising the industry's potential for job creation and generational income.
"There is opportunity in agriculture," he emphasized. "Just start small, and then you grow with time. Agriculture is one of the industries that has a lot of demand."
Emvula exemplifies resilience, innovation and unwavering commitment. His experience as an agricultural entrepreneur illustrates how dedication and perseverance can lead to achievement and foster a positive impact in the current competitive agri-business landscape. Through AgroGreen Investments CC, Emvula is not only cultivating a prosperous enterprise but also advancing the larger aim of sustainable development in Namibia.