Fashion through a photographer’s lens

Jemimah Ndebele
From photography to goldsmithing, multifaceted Michael ‘El Micah’ Iyambo has always had a niche for all things artistic.
"I love photography and video, so I always figured it would be in one of those fields, but where I stand now, I’ll probably also be showcasing in the future, because now I just have so many ideas running after really experiencing a runway event. I also have other aspirations I want to get into, like graphic design, videography, and fashion design, to mention a few," said the new permanent member of the MTC Windhoek Fashion Week team.
The 21-year-old is currently working towards obtaining a certificate in goldsmithing. He started off as an intern at the MTC Windhoek Fashion Week in the production department before being appointed as a permanent member of the team.
True creativity
The multi-skilled Iyambo has a knack for all things artistic and, consequently, loves adding his personal flair to any project assigned to him.
"I am yet to fully discover where I stand. I normally work closely with backstage, production, and marketing, but I would say I assist where I can and I’m not bound completely to one department. If anyone needs help, I'll jump in if I'm capable. So for now, I'd say I'd assist where I can until I am given a station. "
Iyambo explained that the internship programme exceeded his expectations.
"I’ve literally never had such excitement to take on challenges. Even though it can get stressful, there are so many good laughs, and the team really ensures that you’re doing great as well. I am really grateful to have been taken in. It’s really like a family here," he said.
Those closest to Iyambo describe him as a "creative extraordinaire."
"He is an amazing creative and jeweller. His past experience as an art student in high school really helps with his creative eye and the way he brilliantly combines colours. "To call him creative is truly an understatement," said Danielle Esterhuizen.