Francois Smith: New Old Mutual sales manager ready to lead

Fostering a culture of value and service
Francois Smith has been appointed as the sales manager at Old Mutual Short-Term Insurance.
Hinauare Kijatua
Old Mutual Short-Term Insurance (OMSIC) has proudly welcomed Francois Smith as their new sales manager, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence. Born in Walvis Bay and educated at Hoërskool Gerrit Maritz in Pretoria North, Smith boasts an extensive professional background spanning various industries.
Smith previously worked as a surveyor for the department of roads in Potchefstroom and later transitioned to consulting engineering roles in South Africa and Namibia.
"In 1997, I decided to return to Namibia, joined a local consulting engineering company, and worked on construction sites throughout Namibia, including a 28-month spell at Eenhana.”
After a five-year experience as a freelancing engineering technician, including a significant stint at Action COACH, a global franchise focused on business development, he garnered accolades such as the Most Improved Coach of the Year and an Action Man Award.
His accolades include a national diploma from Pretoria Technicon and a B.Phil degree from Stellenbosch University, which he said had a profound impact on how he views life and his professional environment. In his new role at OMSIC, Smith’s responsibilities as sales manager include leading the sales team, implementing strategic initiatives, and setting personal goals.
When asked about his approach to challenges, Smith emphasised the importance of focusing on personal positive goals and preparing for the unexpected. “Always prepare yourself for the unthinkable,” he said.

New chapter
Smith’s commitment to using emotional intelligence in managing teams and navigating challenges sets him apart.
He believes in fostering a culture of value and service over price, a philosophy he intends to instill within his team to drive growth. Outside of work, Smith is known for his witty sense of humour and his dedication to personal development. He finds inspiration in reading autobiographies of business and sports personalities, a hobby that fuels his motivation to help others succeed.
The appointment of Smith signifies OMSIC's dedication to strengthening its sales force and enhancing customer service. With his leadership and extensive experience, OMSIC is poised to achieve new heights in the competitive insurance market. In welcoming Francois to their team, OMSIC reaffirms its commitment to delivering exceptional service and driving growth through innovation and expertise. Smith's appointment marks an exciting chapter in OMSIC’s journey towards continued success in the insurance industry.