From the soccer pitch to the call centre

Balancing passion and career growth
Tihaano Isaacs serves as an inspiration to young professionals, showing that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.
Phillipus Josef
At just 21, Tihaano Isaacs has made his mark as the youngest Fifa-accredited team manager in Namibian football.
When he's not on the soccer pitch, he can be found juggling his work as a call centre advisor at MTC, and his law studies at the University of Namibia.
Having started his job at MTC in June 2023, Isaacs has been a part of the company for approximately eight months.
He said the interview process was rigorous, with months passing before he received the offer.
When he finally got the call in June, it felt like a dream come true for Isaacs.

Work environment
Every workday at MTC looks different for a call centre advisor, he said. He starts his day with a cup of coffee to keep his energy up and prepares his notepad and necessary applications to assist clients efficiently.
Isaacs emphasised the importance of being observant and having in-depth knowledge about the company to meet the needs of clients effectively.
“Clients do not want to be met with an advisor who is unable to meet their needs efficiently,” he said.
He collaborates with other departments to ensure a seamless resolution for clients' needs.
Isaacs shared that preparing notes on the types of queries he receives has been beneficial in assisting clients with similar issues faster in the future.
He believes in maintaining an organised workspace and prioritises responding to emails promptly.
Despite the challenges of adjusting to a full-time job and learning to be patient in customer service, he finds the support of his colleagues at MTC invaluable.

Plans for the future
Looking ahead, Isaacs said he aspires to progress within the company and hopes to transition to the legal department after completing his studies.
He finds joy and fulfillment in assisting clients and values the gratitude expressed by clients when their issues are resolved satisfactorily.
Working as a call centre advisor has honed his listening skills and ability to pick up on emotions through tone of voice, he said.
He has become adept at anticipating conversations and believes that these experiences have made him a more competent professional. Isaacs sees his role in customer service as a valuable learning experience that will benefit him in his future endeavours.
His commitment to learning and growing while balancing his passion for football showcases his multifaceted talents and determination to succeed.