GIPF treasury analyst looks ahead

Sharing his career journey with its responsibilities
Wetumwene Shikage
Staying up to date with the latest market news, rebalancing portfolios, trading and dealing securities, writing reports and monitoring the market for potential investment opportunities are core duties Ziggy Muinjo takes on in his current position as a treasury analyst and portfolio manager at the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF).
His job is to ensure the client’s investments are managed in an optimal way and that their best interests are taken into account. He also strives to identify new opportunities that may be beneficial to the fund. Additionally, Muinjo is responsible for evaluating risks associated with different investments as well as keeping track of performance indicators.
While working for the fund, he had the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience of how a pension fund operates while learning about different types of investments, how to manage risk and how to ensure that the fund is operating efficiently.
“I was able to develop my communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills. This experience has been invaluable in helping me understand the complexities of working for a successful pension fund,” he said.

Since high school, Muinjo has been interested in the science of economics, saying he initially wanted to become an aviation pilot. He chose to pursue a degree in economics because he felt it could open more career opportunities.
After completing his financial economics and banking degree, Muinjo started his working career as a trainee dealer at First Rand Namibia in the RMB division. He was later promoted to a funding dealer responsible for the overall liquidity management of the bank.
He said his experience at GIPF has been incredible thus far.
“It is full of meaningful experiences and opportunities to gain exposure in the industry. I had the chance to work on various projects that helped me develop my skills and knowledge. Overall, it is a great place to work.”

Muinjo completed his degree at the University of Tizi-Ouzou in Algeria through a scholarship offered by the ministry of education, arts and culture. The ability to develop a strong foundation in economics and banking, and to gain an understanding of the latest trends and developments in these fields, was nurtured while pursuing his studies. He said the education acquired provided him with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in this area.
Muinjo’s studies in Algeria were not only in a different country, but were conducted in an unfamiliar language – French - which he had to learn.
Additionally, he completed the Association Cambiste International (ACI) Diploma CMP (Certified Market Professional) offered by the ACI Financial Markets Association from France and he is optimistic that he will advance in the field by completing a master’s degree in investment management.