Interview tips for superheroes

Azalia Arendse
In a country where the youth unemployment rate is currently at 50%, everyone is holding on for dear life. With 15 years of human resources experience in various industries, I’ve been on numerous interview panels.
Yes, this is yet another list of interview advice - read it or don’t. What’s the worst that could happen? When keeping this in mind, you might just get that job...

Here are a few tips:
• Be early, it makes a lasting impression and allows the nerves to settle. A free coffee might be on the table, who knows?
• It is your authenticity that will be remembered, bring it along to the interview.
• Chivalry is not dead, remember your manners.
• Be organised, carry a binder - it leaves an impression.
• The interviewer does not know everything. Answer the question and transfer as much information as you can. Knowledge is power.
• Listen carefully to the question and don’t be afraid to ask for it to be repeated.
• If needed, confirm your understanding of the question.
• Maintain eye contact. It shows your interest in the person addressing you. But be subtle, do not look into their souls.
• Do not use street talk – “lekker”, “slay”, “aye” and “masekinnez” is unacceptable. This is still an interview.
• Dress accordingly. Unless you are applying for a position with The Avengers, you will need to suit up and assemble.
• Remember to make a run for the bathroom before the interview; nature tends to call at the most inopportune times.
• Do your research before attending the interview. Remember research was done by superheroes to defeat Thanos. Be a superhero.
• Do not chew gum or any type of food during the interview.
• Pause before responding to the questions - at least three Mississippis.
• Practice possible responses at home for any interview. Muscle memory will kick in and you will be ready for when the telephone rings.
• The possibility of your qualification not getting you the job is highly likely; it’s your willingness that might seal the deal. The world has changed post-Covid and global leaders are still recovering from the impact.
• Finally, read, read, read. Knowledge is power. Like Uncle Ben told Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility”, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that you are ready when the opportunity comes knocking.