Lot Ndamanomhata: New head of NamWater PR and communication

Phillipus Josef
NamWater’s new head of public relations and corporate communications, Lot Ndamanomhata, brings an impressive academic portfolio to his new role.
He holds a bachelor of journalism and media technology honours degree, a bachelor's degree in journalism and communications, both from the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), and a bachelor of public management honours degree from the University of Namibia, among others.
Additionally, he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in journalism and media technology.
“The opportunity to lead NamWater's public relations and corporate communications attracted me to this position. NamWater’s mandate to provide a basic and crucial service aligns with my experience in public management,” he said.

In his previous role at the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF) as manager of corporate communications, he developed effective corporate communication strategies and innovative media plans, significantly enhancing the EIF’s brand visibility.
Ndamanomhata stated that his most successful campaign at the EIF was the 'Why Waste?/Waste Heroes' social media video campaign.
“The campaign encouraged people to get creative with waste, turning it into something useful instead of littering,” he explained.
He said the initiative attracted 91 entries for the competition, demonstrating its success in engaging the community and raising awareness about waste management.

Ndamanomhata also spoke about effective crisis communication.
“During a crisis, transparency, timely communication and consistent updates are essential. Engaging with stakeholders and the media effectively helps manage the situation and mitigate negative impacts,” he noted.
Immediate objectives
In the first six months, his primary objectives will be to enhance NamWater's brand visibility, strengthen relationships with stakeholders, and improve internal and external communication processes.
“I aim to strengthen NamWater's corporate image and foster positive relationships with media houses, customers,and stakeholders,” he said.
Lastly, he plans to enhance stakeholder engagement, valuing their input for improving decision-making and accountability and ensuring "Water for All, Forever!”