NS Fitlife Studio: Personalised fitness for a healthier tomorrow

Improving lives through fitness
NS Fitlife Studio has grown not only to a bigger location, but a bigger client base too.
Patricia Coetzee
Silvio Coetzee started NS Fitlife Studio in his parents' garage in 2018 after he experienced a life-changing encounter. Doctors discovered a golf ball-sized cyst in his brain following a serious accident, a condition that would have gone undiscovered and may have proven fatal if not for the accident.
Coetzee soon enrolled in a personal training programme at the International Sport Science Institute because he wanted to enhance his health. His mission was to help people change their lives through exercise. His condition considerably improved with regular workouts and a balanced diet, which reduced cyst activity and improved his overall well-being.
“Fitness immensely improved my life. I was previously in a dire state with frequent seizures and blackouts, heavily medicated. Once I began training and adopting a healthy diet, we noticed the cyst's activity decreased and my condition constantly improved,” he said.
NS Fitlife Studio has since expanded to not only a bigger venue, but also a bigger client base and a fully equipped gym ready to cater to anyone who walks through the door.
Despite the expansion, NS Fitlife Studio remains focused on a quiet, less-crowded setting to provide a unique and intimate exercise experience.
The studio offers personalised workout routines based on individual objectives, fitness levels and demands, as well as one-on-one and small group training sessions, Coetzee narrated.
His next move will be to engage more with the public and the local community by hosting muay thai and fitness workshops at universities and various organisations. “The overall dream for NS Fitlife Studio is to expand and grow, making a positive impact in the community,” Coetzee said.
But like any other entrepreneur, you are bound to face a few mountains as you grow and for Coetzee, that mountain moved in on him the moment he started NS Fitlife. These challenges included limited funding and attracting clients in a competitive market.
Nonetheless, he overcame these financial obstacles by developing a precise budget, tracking cash flow and researching funding options.
He advised young entrepreneurs with the following: “Resilience is key, as owning a business involves risks and failures. Staying informed about industry trends and continuously learning are crucial to success".