Redefining male self-care and style

Kulu’s grooming revolution
Kambudu is dedicated to addressing unmet needs in the male grooming industry.
Mariud Ngula
Matty 'Kulu' Kambudu is a versatile creative professional with a background in cinematography, modelling, brand strategy and entrepreneurship. Over the years, he recognised the lack of comprehensive grooming solutions tailored specifically for men. This led to him founding Kulu Grooming in 2018 – a brand aimed to revolutionise male grooming practices and promote their holistic well-being.
“Kulu Grooming is a product of my deep-seated desire to address the unmet needs in the male grooming industry. My inspiration is spurred by my experiences of the growing demand for male-specific grooming products and services,” he said.
With Kulu Grooming, Kambudu embarks on a mission to create a brand that not only offers high-quality grooming essentials, but also fosters a culture of self-care and confidence among men. His journey, marked by the relentless pursuit of creativity and innovation, has allowed him to excel in various creative endeavours and business ventures. He indicated that he thrives in dynamic environments where he can leverage his diverse skill set to tell compelling stories, build impactful brands and drive meaningful change.

The wave is upon us
Kambudu said Kulu Grooming is dedicated to offering not just grooming products, but a lifestyle - filling the gap in male grooming needs. The brand embraces the wave of change in male grooming practices with the slogan “The wave is upon us”. This, he said, is a way of inviting customers to ride along with the brand, embracing self-care, confidence and personal growth.
His products include a wave kit, fade kit, beard kit and grooming kit. “The synergy between our slogan and the products we offer underscores our holistic approach to male grooming, where each element works in harmony to empower men to look, feel, and be their best selves.”
Beyond grooming products, Kambudu recently expanded his product line into the fashion industry with the Kulu travel bag. This was once again inspired by his experiences, seeing an opportunity to diversify his offerings and engage with his audience in new and exciting ways. He said the travel bag allowed the brand to blend in and immerse itself in festival culture, fostering connections within the community.

Keeping ahead of the curve
About the values and principles of his business, Kambudu indicated that Kulu Grooming prioritises honesty, punctuality, customer service excellence, satisfaction, loyalty and an original creative identity. These are reflected in his transparent communication, timely delivery, exceptional service and innovative products. He aims to foster meaningful relationships, shaping the brand identity and customer experience.
Kambudu oversees all these while balancing being a model and entrepreneur. On how he can juggles it all, he said it is all about finding the right rhythm and consistently working to improve it. “Balancing these roles requires getting your priorities right, effectively managing your time and staying adaptable to their ever-evolving demands.”
For one to be able to stay on the cutting edge in the grooming and fashion industries, they ought to have a real connection to the markets and be versatile, he said. In addition to his passion, he keeps himself immersed and consistently learning and curious about new trends.
“By staying connected to the pulse of the industries and drawing on insights from past seasons and sales trends, I'm able to anticipate what's next and keep Kulu Grooming ahead of the curve.”