Shivute's career at Alexforbes

The rewards of ambition and drive
As a pension fund consultant, Aina Shivute is able to put her in-depth knowledge to use to develop and implement specialised solutions that are suited to each client's particular requirements.
Nankali Kamwanga
Aina Shivute's professional path demonstrates the rewards of ambition and drive. A pension fund consultant at Alexforbes, she described her job as "incredibly rewarding", adding that the journey has been filled with outstanding achievements and ongoing professional development.
Shivute said she has had the privilege of working with bright and committed colleagues at Alexforbes who are all committed to helping clients and fellow staff members reach their retirement goals. "In this role, I've had the opportunity to work on diverse projects with clients across different industries," she said.
In her position, she can put her in-depth understanding of pension administration to use to develop and implement specialised solutions that are suited to each client's particular requirements, she added. Her knowledge has been extremely helpful in a variety of projects involving several sectors, she noted.
Shivute holds a bachelor of business administration degree and recently earned a certificate in employee benefits, focusing on pension funds, from the University of the Free State's School of Financial Planning Law.
It's interesting to note that she did not initially want to work in pension fund consulting. She narrated that her father convinced her to pursue business administration instead of law because he thought it would give her a thorough foundation in business management and allow her to specialise later.

Moving up the ranks
Her professional path began with a temporary position at a prominent financial services company. Starting as a temporary administrator in the corporate department, Shivute quickly demonstrated her capabilities and was soon appointed as an executive assistant to the department's executive team. This experience opened the door to a role in the sales team, where she excelled as a service consultant. Her impressive performance eventually led her to a relationship consultant position on the consulting team, where she managed the group assurance product portfolio.
Among her many accomplishments, Shivute takes the greatest pride in the positive impact she has had on the lives of countless pension fund members. “It warms my heart when someone genuinely thanks me for providing them with more information on the advantages of being part of a pension fund, especially the risks and benefits they were not fully aware of,” she said.
Her daily work is made even more enjoyable by the support of her exceptional manager and an amazing team, she said. Together, they strive to stay relevant in the dynamic corporate world, always working towards the greater good of their clients.
Through her time at Alexforbes, Shivute said she has learnt the importance of empathy, strategy and continuous improvement. Her personal growth is also reflected in her newfound passion for gardening, a hobby that teaches her patience and the rewards of nurturing. For young people aspiring to a career in pension fund consulting, she offered invaluable advice: “Always put your best foot forward”.
Every role, no matter how minor, presents an opportunity to excel and make a lasting impression, she said. Her own path - from making tea to providing expert pension advice - exemplifies how dedication and a positive attitude can open doors to a successful and fulfilling career.