Start small, says Mujoro

Advocating for women empowerment
Theresia Lucas
Wisdom Mujoro is a young woman who believes in making a difference in others’ lives, particularly women, through her Instagram talk show titled ‘Let’s Talk’.
She has been a pageant queen and, through that, she fell in love with using her voice to uplift women. She started by mainly creating videos about women learning to love their bodies, no matter how they look. From there, the initiative expanded and she started conversations to bring women together and to help fight various stereotypes women face in day-to-day life.
The young feminist invites guests onto her Instagram live show based on the impact they have in their community, regardless of where they came from.
The show has hosted well-established guests like former Miss Supernatural Chanique Rabe and Namibian YouTuber Angy Pangy, to name a few.
When asked about which interview stood out the most for her, Mujoro said: “Every interview is important. Each person I interview brings a unique perspective on life and they each add different dynamics onto my platform”.
She encourages people to make use of platforms such Instagram to reach out to the masses, highlighting that they are the future. This is considering the fact that not all women and young girls have the privilege to attend costly motivational events and she insists that Instagram gives them the opportunity to have access to valuable information.

What’s next?
Mujoro wants to collaborate one day with other women who inspire her like Mpoomy Ledwaba, adding that she would work with her because she loves her platform and inspires her because of the various deep conversations she starts.
She has intentions of branching into TV one day or even having a visual podcast, keeping in mind that she is on those platforms with the main mission of inspiring, educating and empowering women.
She further mentioned that she has an interest in marketing and would like to expand and collaborate with even bigger brands as she now does freelancing.
Her pageant days are over now, she said, because she realised that she does not need big platforms to create change.
“I realised halfway through my journey that I didn’t need a bigger platform for my voice to be heard. I already had one.”

One of the biggest lessons she learnt is that there is nothing wrong with asking for help and that one does not have to do everything alone. She also advised anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps to be authentic because authenticity is what will make you stand out from the crowd. Mujoro highlighted that it is important to be information-hungry and to always do research as it will improve the work quality.
When faced with negativity, especially from other people, it is a matter of perspective, she said, adding that she chooses to look at it objectively and not take people’s opinions personally.
“And when life knocks you down, it is very important to deal with pain and feel whatever it is you need to feel and then pick yourself up and keep it moving.”