Steering legal excellence at the MVA Fund

Justice and fairness in claims processing
Lawyer Lorenzo Iipinge emphasises the importance of making positive contributions to the organisations and communities in which one works and lives.
Phillipus Josef
Lorenzo Iipinge, born and raised in Windhoek, is a legal professional with an impressive academic and professional background.
He matriculated from St George’s Diocesan School in 2014 and later pursued a bachelor of laws degree from the University of Namibia, graduating in 2021.
Following his undergraduate studies, Iipinge completed a short learning programme in law and the fourth industrial revolution at the University of Johannesburg in 2021.
His pursuit of knowledge did not stop there. Recognising the connection between legal risk and compliance, he went on to complete a postgraduate diploma in principles of compliance from the University of Johannesburg, from which he is set to graduate in June of this year.
Iipinge said: "My professional career started in my final year of my bachelor of laws degree in 2020 when I interned at the Namibian Competition Commission."
This initial experience opened doors to various industries, including telecommunications and reinsurance.
Setting key priorities
In August 2022, he joined the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund as a legal officer on a two-year fixed contract, transitioning to permanent employment in September 2023.
Iipinge's daily routine is marked by a commitment to staying informed.
"I am deliberate about the start of each of my workdays, which commences with reading newspapers to keep abreast of current affairs," he said.
Following this, he reviews judgments and cases before the courts, recognising the importance of staying updated on legal principles. His core responsibilities include drafting contracts and offering sound legal advice to support the fund's operations.
Thoroughness defines Iipinge's approach to his role. He prioritises understanding the broader context and implications of legal matters, which has significantly contributed to his success.
"This approach has allowed me to identify and address potential legal risks proactively," he noted.
One of Iipinge's proudest moments was delivering a well-researched paper on a novel yet critical topic related to the long-term operations of the MVA Fund. Additionally, being appointed to serve on several internal committees affirmed his valued contributions, despite being a relatively new staff member. "For value to be recognised, it is not about longevity," he emphasised.
Work-life balance
Autonomy is crucial for Iipinge's optimal performance.
"I operate at my best when given autonomy over my work," he said, noting that this is largely possible at the MVA Fund as long as he adheres to timelines.
Iipinge believes that the essence of legal work in corporate environments remains consistent across different workplaces, requiring an understanding of the organisation's mandate and relevant legal principles. "The only difficulty I had was grasping the internal procedures of the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund," he admitted.
Balancing work and personal life is another aspect Iipinge manages well.
"My position allows for a good work-life balance," he said, acknowledging that there are periods of intense busyness, especially during board meeting seasons, but overall, the institution supports a balanced lifestyle.
Iipinge advised: "Paths will diverge, and one will not remain in the same place indefinitely, but the constant should be leaving a positive imprint on our organisations and communities, and ensuring our integrity is unblemished. Much like life itself, we only have integrity. Once it is lost, it cannot be restored."