City finally adopts maintenance policy

Yolanda Nel
Windhoek • [email protected]
Windhoek City Council only approved a facility maintenance policy during the first council meeting of the year last week, after the department of infrastructure, water and technical services noticed there was no policy that deals with the maintenance of council facilities.
According to council documents, all these facilities that include stadiums, office buildings, municipal halls and swimming pools, must be in a proper state for optimal use. “Normal wear and tear to any facility can affect efficiency and effectiveness adversely. Maintenance, whether preventive or scheduled, assures optimal working conditions and conserves the life span of facilities and to reduce downtime.”
The maintenance of City facilities is directed towards meeting department service delivery needs, minimising the while of life costs of facilities and ensuring the most effective use of maintenance resources to at least meet the minimum benchmark.
The functions of the policy includes to retain the facility in a condition in which it can perform its required function, to prevent deterioration and failure or extend the life of the facility, as well as to recover from structural and service failure.
The facility maintenance policy was developed internally and all departments were given an opportunity to provide inputs during the development of this policy and its provisions. “We are aware that government is also in the process writing a national policy for facility maintenance. That policy might necessitate an adjustment of this policy in future but changes will be minimal in our professional opinion,” the document read.
The policy will be reviewed in future as and when necessary.