The real ride along

Barry De Klerk
Barry de Klerk – Windhoek Express once again had the opportunity to join the Windhoek City Police, Kosmos and Camp David for their Friday evening Copps radio programme.

The evening started quiet with no big call outs. Visibility of police officers and vehicles are usually enough to scare off criminals. The team patrols all areas of Windhoek and visit crimes scenes to inform residents about what is going on.

The most prominent call of the night was a business burglary in the southern industrial area. A security company and the City Police were at the scene as soon as the call went out, however the criminals managed to evade capture.

The most frequent calls were people disturbing the peace in residential areas. "Young people hanging out on hilss and consuming alcohol, put their lives in danger," said one of the officers. "People usually hang out on hills to have a better view of the city, but often they get mugged or assaulted, because criminals also use to hide out there."

The final call for the evening was to a robbery that took place in town. A young man was robbed of his phone, accusing a street child. The child allegedly made his way into the canal behind Wernhil Park and Fruit & Veg City and thus evaded the police.

Officers warn residents to be cautious and to refrain from walking or parking their cars in dangerous areas. Residents are also urged to contact the City Police if they find anything suspicious.