Turning a new page - every day

Gerine (WE) Hoff
Time stands still for no one and in the world of newspapers this adage is a especially true.

With today’s edition of the Windhoek Express I’m turning an exciting new career page – one that fills me with equal measures of enthusiasm, anticipation and apprehension, because not only are there many challenges that come along with the new job, I’ve also got big shoes to fill!

So a big thank you goes to my predecessor Mariana Balt, who has handed over her “baby” to me in good faith and will thankfully still be around for some time to help make sure that our newspaper will be on the streets every week.

Then, in the words of the English author John Donne, “No man is an island entire of itself” – our small team at Windhoek Express is ever so reliant on the very community we serve. Please feel free to share your experiences, your feelings and your life with us.

Do you know someone who has inspired change? Who has made his or her community a better place to live in? Who has touched lives in a meaningful manner? Then we’d like to hear from you! There are so many readers from our capital and neighbouring towns of Gobabis, Okahandja and Rehoboth who are just as eager to share a particular resident’s achievements, endeavours and events.

In this vein, I’d like to introduce you to a new bi-weekly column: The Angry Chef who makes his debut in this weeks’ edition. While he may step on some toes, he is there to deliver constructive criticism to all eateries in our community and compliment those where credit is due.

While readers can expect a few cosmetic changes in terms of content and feel in the coming weeks, the Express will by and large still provide you with lots of information about what’s happening in and around the capital.

Please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] – I look forward to hearing from you!