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Gerine (WE) Hoff
Havana to be formalised:

Dankie tog! Die Here het ons gebede gehoor dat Havana se erwe gediens gaan word! Maar hoe lank gaan ons wag?

Water crisis not over:

Windhoekers don’t want to hear the water crisis is not over. Wherever you go, you can see how they waste. Shocking!

Cactus clean up:

Kudos to Rosalia Joseph for taking the initiative to rid Windhoek of the cactus scourge. Even more impressive is that you got other youth involved too. Well done!

Dankie Rosalia en vriende vir julle harde werk om ontslae te raak van Windhoek se kaktus-probleem. En Gunhild Voigts, ons sien raak wat jy en die ander vrywilligers doen.

Will bad service ever end?

I can’t help but agree with “Unfortunate” who wrote in last week’s edition. The levels of service in this country leave much to be desired. Like the writer says, complaining never produces any reaction. They should really be ashamed! So hope the Angry Chef and his/her new column really deliver results. There may be hope for us yet.

Smoking tyres excite:

Bradley Rickerts en sy spinners en drifters – dit was ’n lekker kuier vi almal wat daar was. Kan nie wag vir die volgende event nie!

Uit ander koerante:

What kind of hooligans live at State House that it needs N$56 million for renovations? Why use Chinese people for building? Our own people can do a far better job or is it a case of pay back time? We gave, now we want. Please stop this practise.

Reboboth polisie, kyk tog asseblief by Blok B, Magasienstraat: Dwelms word helder oordag verkoop. Die mense nie eens bang om dit te verkoop nie.

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