For the love of music

Kristien Kruger
The talented local musician and singer, Vaughn Ahrens, says he is ready to use his creativity and musical prowess to create Afrikaans music.
"I have always wanted to tackle an Afrikaans project; a project that does not have any limits. Something that is not necessarily for profit, but for the music itself," he says.
Vaughn plans to undertake this exciting new project outside of his current music group and also under a different name.
"Folk was my first love and Afrikaans my first language, so I thought it would be a good marriage between the two."
He says his Afrikaans music will be similar to the music of the British folk-rock group, Mumford & Sons.
Vaughn plays numerous instruments and is a master when it comes to guitar and any stringed instrument. He is excited to use the different sounds to create Afrikaans music.
Although Vaughn does not want to burden the project with a timeline, he gave the assurance that it would become a reality this year.
"I don't want to put pressure on it - I want to keep myself free to be creative."
Vaughn is a musician with a schedule full of performances. He is also constantly creating and releasing new music.
According to him, the inspiration behind his latest short album Sub Saharan was his travels with his band through southern Africa. In the past year, he has visited countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania.
In a recent interview with, Vaughn said that these experiences deepened his understanding of different cultures and enriched his perspective as an artist.
Vaughn performed at the Goodfellas restaurant in the capital on Saturday for his birthday. According to him, it was not for money or exposure, but simply because he enjoys it.
He will also perform at the KosMOS music festival at the Wanderers Sports grounds in Windhoek on Friday 26 April. – [email protected]