Medicos makes medical studies fun

Aurelia Afrikaner
A medical student currently studying in Cuba developed the board game Medicos which aims to challenge, educate and unite medical professionals and students worldwide.
Rebekka Taukondyo (27) initially struggled with her studies which led to the development of the board game, and the game attracted the attention of the international medical community.
Medicos originated from a flash card method that she personally developed during her challenging first and second year of medical school, and has evolved into a comprehensive educational game that includes several medical disciplines; from general medicine to paediatrics, cardiology, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology.
The game is proof of Rebekka's commitment to making the learning process enjoyable and efficient.
"It was just an idea that arose and I started to work on it when I could. I used boxes to create my first prototype, then I started doing playtests with students and lecturers from my university. I found myself having to take the game to college every day because the students and lecturers always wanted to play it.
"A few months later, a medical specialist from America invested capital to start producing the game, because he believed so much in the idea. So, I developed the app and started to push the game so it could be sold on Amazon USA.”
Despite obstacles, such as a lack of resources, poor internet connectivity in Cuba and limited capital, Rebekka persevered and showed unwavering determination.
The game's success on Amazon USA within the first week of launch and the overwhelming global demand for it highlight the impact Medicos is making in the medical education sector.
"I created a brand that understands the struggle, the efforts and the sacrifices of students and professionals."
Driven to fulfill a childhood dream of finding cures for HIV/AIDS and cancer, Rebekka believes that Medicos represents the journey to becoming an exceptional healthcare provider.
The game not only promotes critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills, but also embodies the values of dedication and perseverance that are crucial to being successful in the medical world.
With Medicos already available in a downloadable format from app stores and on GooglePlay, Rebekka predicts that the game will reach the corners of the world, break language barriers and cater to various medical professions.
The game's future plans reflect Rebekka's commitment to expanding the game to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals to take on the challenges and never give up on their dreams.
In the world of medical education, Rebekka stands as a beacon of inspiration, showing that with determination, innovation and a passion for learning, one person can revolutionize an industry.