Poiyah Media’s Ilke scoops Nzinga50 award

CommsAfrica announced its Nzinga50 distinction winners for 2024, celebrating Communications Practitioners in Africa.
One of this year's recipients is Namibia’s Ilke Platt, founder of Poiyah Media.
This accolade is added to numerous awards the company has received so far, including an African Achievers nomination in 2022, the African Women Leadership award in 2021 and the Global Start-up Awards Best Media Partner in 2019.
Based in Paris, Nzinga50 founder Cyrille Djami applauded all recipients and justified the importance of communications practitioners in Africa to help shape the positive narrative in its communities.
“We would like to extend our congratulations to all winners on being selected as one of CommsOfAfrica's Nzinga50 winners, highlighting the 50 outstanding African women in Communications and Media for 2023. Your achievement and dedication to this field has been truly remarkable and deserves to be celebrated,” he said.
CommsOfAfrica positions itself as a pan-African provider of specialised information in the communication, media and content creation sectors. They play the role of a link between the communication industries of the French-speaking and English-speaking areas of the African continent.
Their primary commitment lies in providing relevant and reliable information to professionals, students and influential decision-makers within the African continent and the diaspora.
Triple objective
Entirely based on the web, their media has the triple objective of generating informative content regarding current communications, media and content creation in Africa; highlighting the profiles of African professionals in communication, media and content creation; and editing informative content for communication, media and content creation students.
In addition, CommsAfrica includes “Prospects in COM in Africa”, “Journalist Impressions” and the collection of “CommsOfAfrica Practical Guides” dedicated to the professions of communication, media and content creation in Africa.
The #Nzinga50 highlights African women of impact in the communication, media and content creation sectors, which was established based on the achievements of the previous year and is unveiled annually, in March. Their aim remains to become a media reference in the field of communication and media in Africa, by offering daily comprehensive information on the latest news from players in these sectors.
According to Ilke, “Such titles are a symbol of work being recognised with passion in the industry that we serve. Not only an individual prize, but many amazing young public relations practitioners have propelled Poiyah Media to greater heights and this one is for the team.
“It is always exciting to see Namibia on the map with other African countries and to witness unity and synergy in the work that we do. We have seen that with such platforms, it has expanded our service delivery not only in Namibia but also in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe to mention a few,” she said.