Applications for rebate on NAU membership fees due

Ellanie Smit
The Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU) has reminded farmers that applications for the rebate of membership fees for the financial year 2024/2025 must reach its office on or before 31 March.
Applications were already due at farmers’ association level on 29 February for consideration and recommendation by them, followed by submission to the regional agricultural unions, it said.
It added that all signed applications from the regional agricultural unions much reach the NAU on or before 31 March for submission to its management committee.
According to the NAU constitution, membership fee rebates can - in exceptional cases - be granted to a member provided that a motivated application is submitted annually to the NAU executive council.
However, it should be noted that approval of membership-fee rebates is valid for only one year, it said.
The union further noted that an individual farming on a small, uneconomic unit can only apply for membership fee rebate through their farmers’ association and regional agricultural union, and such rebate will be approved for a period of one year.

Pensioner applications
The NAU said rebates can be granted to a pensioner who is a member of the NAU if the applicant is older than 65 years, no longer actively farming and has been a continuous member of the union for more than 10 years.
The procedure for both applications is to complete the form, upon which the application must be discussed at a farmers’ association meeting.
After this, the chairman of the association signs the recommendation on the application form.
This application is then referred to the regional agricultural union, which will also hold a meeting to discuss it, and if there are merits in the application, both the chairman and the regional representative will sign the application for submission to the NAU management committee.