MTC and TASA collaborate in tourism sector

Ellanie Smit
MTC is joining forces with the Tour and Safari Association of Namibia (TASA) to explore a strategic collaboration aimed at bringing innovative solutions to the travel and tourism sector.
Recognising the constant demand for innovation, the two organisations are working together to harness their resources for an improved user experience and sustainable tourism growth.
In parallel with this strategic collaboration, MTC has introduced enhanced connectivity solutions for tourists visiting Namibia.

Stay connected
These offerings, known as the Leisure and Premium Tourist Packages, are exclusively available at the MTC outlet at Hosea Kutako International Airport. The leisure package offers affordable connectivity for visitors staying less than 30 days, while the premium package provides up to 30 days of connectivity.
Both packages include data, free voice minutes and SMS messages to ensure that travellers can stay connected with their loved ones throughout their journey.

Desired value
In a statement released, MTC's acting chief commercial officer, Elton Katangolo, emphasised the importance of the tourism sector to Namibia's economy.
He expressed MTC's commitment to incubate and implement digital service transformation, saying that smart partnerships are engraved in their make-up.
“It excites me to essentially interrogate the opportunity to marry efforts between MTC and TASA with the intent to design and offer digital and innovative solutions aimed at providing convenience for our tourists who find themselves travelling to Namibia. We are, therefore, pleased with our engagement with TASA, and we are confident that together we will provide the desired value."
Mureal Van Rooyen, a representative of TASA, said they are also excited about their maiden engagement with MTC as they look at the dynamics and viable avenues for creating and improving value for their members.
“Furthermore, we believe that through smart partnerships, we can achieve outputs to the benefit of the tourism industry."

Efficient and flexible
Katangolo said the service offerings are specifically tailored to cost-effectively enhance tourists' experiences with efficiency and flexibility and to exude an essential travel companion for seamless communication on the journey.
“As you explore Namibia, we invite you to feel at home with MTC Leisure and MTC Premium. Whether you're exploring the vibrant cities, scenic landscapes or cultural wonders of Namibia, this bundle ensures you stay connected, entertained and informed throughout your journey,” said Katangolo.
To subscribe and activate the tourist packages, simply dial 148# and follow the prompts to enjoy quality network connectivity across Namibia.