Farm Okukuna’s successes celebrated

The City of Windhoek (CoW) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) jointly hosted a visibility event for Farm Okukuna to celebrate the project's achievements through the Build Back Better (BBB) initiative.
The initiative, funded by the Japanese government, seeks to enhance Namibia's food systems in order to recover from emergencies and disease-related shocks.
Speaking at the event, Windhoek mayor Sade Gawanas said that the City is committed to improving food security and nutrition among households and community members.
“The challenges posed by rapid urbanisation also present opportunities to mitigate the risk of food insecurity and unlock revenue generation and employment through urban agriculture projects. Farm Okukuna is one such project established by the City of Windhoek to be the go-to agricultural produce hub for Windhoek residents, Namibia at large and tourists,” she said.
Local communities have benefited greatly from the BBB project.
Annatolia Shipale, a project beneficiary, expressed her gratitude, saying that she is now able to grow food to feed her family and generate income. Furthermore, she can pass on her skills and knowledge to members of her community.
UNDP Resident Representative Alka Bhatia applauded the CoW’s leadership for demonstrating that integrated farming is viable in urban settings and urged the City to expedite Farm Okukuna's progress.
She gave the assurance of the UNDP’s continued support in efforts to promote self-sufficiency and a sustainable food future for Namibia, for current and future generations.
Councillor Queen Kamati closed the event by thanking the key role players for their unwavering commitment and support for Farm Okukuna and ensuring that the CoW achieves the Sustainable Development Goals relating to food security and nutrition, as well as addressing hunger at the local level.