Rehoboth Mommies in Need receive essential goods

Rehoboth Mommies in Need was established by Elodine Cloete Sacco in Rehoboth’s Block B after she realised that many women need assistance to take care of their children.
The organisation collects essentials such as nappies, sanitary pads, and other hygienic products, which they then distribute from door-to-door all around the town.
On Friday, it was their turn to receive these particular essentials. This comes from a partnership that was formed between Rob Youth Foundation (RYF), ChariTree, SBS Trucking and Wutow Trading, fostered by a spirit of giving and their desire to see communities plucked out of poverty. Together they identify and deliver products to those in need.
In light of this, Rehoboth Mommies in Need received a truckload of mixed products including soup, spices, and the aforementioned hygienic products.
“We collect products and goods from good Samaritans and deliver all around Rehoboth,” Cloete Sacco said. “I use a taxi to deliver. Our beneficiaries find us online and then in turn we assist in whatever way we can at that time.”
She said currently they have no fixed location and everything is done online, be it on Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp or Instagram. Six beneficiaries receive valuables every month. Among these are two teenage mothers.
“The youngest are two 16-year-olds who gave birth last year. The baby’s fathers flat out refuse to acknowledge that they are the fathers, so there is a lack of support from that side. We deliver goods to them and the positive thing is that they re-enrolled at school and are now doing their grade 11,” she explained.
Personal experience
Asked what made her start the organisation, Cloete Sacco referred to her own experience.
“I was once a Rehoboth Mummy in Need and a Good Samaritan helped me. It humbled and inspired me to help others too. I have two children: my daughter is 6 and my son is 3. When my daughter was a baby, I had no nappies, so I had to wrap her in cloth. This is what many mothers go through every day. With this donation, we hope to help more – plenty more!”
From SBS Trucking’s side, Financial Officer Remembrance Chiremba praised the initiative saying it helps out those less fortunate. “Once again we are pleased to be playing a role – however small it may be – in people’s lives.”
SBS trucking delivers the products and goods free of charge.
Natalia Augustinus, RYF Erongo Regional Manager: “I truly applaud what Elodine is doing. Her help is not going unnoticed in her community, and hopefully the country and beyond. As a foundation, we find it a critical component of development for a child to be nurtured properly and with dignity. It ties into our efforts to not only help the girl-child but also contribute towards sensitizing gender imbalance in our society.”
Looking to the future
ChariTree’s Hennie Kruger highlighted that supporting mothers is a crucial component in building tomorrow’s society. “Mothers are the backbone of any family. We must help cement that in whatever way we can. Once again our partners at Wutow Trading made it possible with this truckload of supplies. Women so often get the shortest end of the stick and yet still find the strength to soldier on – true warriors! We can only hope that the little we can do will inspire them to be the best person they can be,” Kruger said.
Cloete Sacco said that the donations are going to be packaged and distributed to beneficiaries.
When asked about her hopes and aspirations, she said her goal is to run a safe haven, especially for victims of gender-based violence.
“If a man is beating his wife or girlfriend, where should she go if there is no place to go? It is something that needs to be looked into because she will be forced to go back to the place of abuse. This is terrible not only for her mental health but physically it can be very dangerous. We know that there are killers out there and an argument can easily spiral out of control, resulting in unnecessary death. We need safe places for victims.”
Rehoboth Mommies in Need also runs a soup kitchen that assists Acacia Primary School. They also host cookouts and then deliver it to beneficiaries from time to time.