Revised SSC benefits approved

Augetto Graig
The Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, Utoni Nujoma, last week published an increase in the national maternity allowance, sick leave allowance and death benefits in the Government Gazette.
As a result, the Social Security Commission (SSC) now has to pay maternity allowances equal to a beneficiary’s total basic salary of up to N$15 000 per month, for up to 12 weeks.
For beneficiaries on sick leave, 74% of their basic salary can be paid up to N$11 250 for up to 12 months, and then 65% of the basic salary up to N$9 750 per month thereafter.
According to the Government Gazette, the payment for death benefits increases to N$12 000. This allowance is increased from N$8 475 and applies to survivors who were dependent on the deceased SSC member, or to the member if he or she retires or becomes permanently disabled.
In 2019, the SSC spent about N$3.6 million on the payment of death benefits, almost N$4 million on leave allowances and more than N$32.3 million on maternity allowances.
The SSC collects maternity, sickness and death fund contributions of 1.8% from basic salaries - 50% from employers concerned, and the other half from employees.