Rehoboth cemetery cleaned up

Many hands make light work
Boet Mathews
The cemetery in Rehoboth was recently cleaned up by the community and employees of the town council.
According to mayor Toes Junius, this is the second cemetery to be cleaned up.
“As town council, we want residents to get involved in things of the town and not just sit and wait for council to do everything. To all the community members who got involved, I say thank you very much.”
According to him, a new campaign was launched after the former commissioner of the Hardap Region, Sidney Philander, paid a visit to the town and said that corrupt police officers in the town must be looked into. “Complaints have been received from the community about police officers who are involved in the smuggling of drugs and this type of thing. It is something that affects the community personally.
“The town council, church leaders, community leaders and community must work together to curb this evil. At the moment, Rehoboth contributes 46% to the crime statistics of the Hardap region. Of course, our town is bigger than many of the others in the region, but this is still not a statistic I can be proud of as mayor,” Junius said.
According to him, people do not need to immediately turn to social media platforms when they have a problem. “Come and talk to us. I'm in the office and I will listen. There are also many of the council members who will listen. We have to work together as a group so that together we can make our town a better place in the future.”