The fight against barefooted children continues

CSS Tactical Solutions has joined the fight against barefooted Namibian children, by committing N$250 000 towards Project Never Walk Alone, which will enable the project to buy 1 000 pairs of shoes for vulnerable children.
So far, the company has invested N$350 000 towards the project, making them the second-biggest investor in the initiative.
At the handover, the executive chairman of CSS Tactical Solutions, Amos Shiyuka, said that they applaud Project Never Walk Alone for this noble initiative. “We know what difference a brand new shoe can make and how it positively impacts the confidence of these children. We are honoured to work alongside this project to ensure that no Namibian child ever has to go barefoot.”
He added that they are very happy with the professional manner in which this project is managed and the difference it makes to children. Furthermore, he encouraged more corporates and individuals to join the initiative.
CSS Tactical Solutions Namibia is an interactive company that develops customised solutions for organisations in all industries. Our product portfolio includes specialist design, installation, commissioning, project management, and maintenance.
CSS Tactical Solutions has invested in many CSI projects in the past years. Last year they sponsored a cyber competition and donated food parcels through an initiative by the Ministry of Justice Covid-19 Relief to lessen the impact that the pandemic has had on the livelihoods of those hard hit by the impacts of the global pandemic.