Women unveil secrets to self-development

Second Little Black Dress event
Divas and Gents recently hosted their second annual Little Black Dress event themed “Own Your Thrown”.
Following the opening by Dr Cecile Fransman, Divas and Gents founder Liezel Ndjaronguru thanked the women in attendance, reminding them of the power they can instil in themselves. She reiterated that the event was established to inspire, encourage and motivate women in an ever-demanding society.
Certified executive, author and transformational coach, Estelle Tjipuka, reminded each woman of her ability to fight her daily challenges and to achieve her goals. “How do we silence the noise? Take the very noise in your head and direct it in such a way that it works for you instead of against you. Also, set goals for yourself. When we set goals, it builds momentum,” she shared.
Award-winning gospel singer Maranatha Goroh blessed the evening with two delightful gospel songs that elevated the atmosphere.
At the same event, Miss Namibia Chelsea Shilongo said that “beauty is anything that gives you joy,” saying with the ladies how the narrative society has of beauty needs to change. She shared how she was bullied because of her body. However, “today, I embrace my ability to make use of platforms created to empower women, not based on their beauty but on how to make an impact in society. If you believe you are the most beautiful person in this room tonight, you are!”
A balanced life
Pursuing self-development and growth has proven to help people live better, more productive and healthy lives. This statement was perfectly aligned with what the queen of entrepreneurship Twapewa Kadhikwa said at the event. “The only way to move from A to B, where B is a better place, is to develop yourself,” she said.
MC Che Ulenga ensured that each woman in attendance was engaged and that everyone left feeling motivated to change and to be a better person.
Attendee Queen Ivy Tailombe said that it is imperative that women encourage and empower each other to become the best version of themselves, while Aretha Wallenstein, who is no stranger to Little Black Dress events, encouraged women seeking knowledge and motivation to attend the next event. “Be ready! Come with an open heart and mind if you want to change as a woman.”
The women were treated to a free interior design tutorial by Zita Jesus who gave a consultation that allowed each participant to note a few tricks to create a comfortable, workable and sophisticated environment meant for a real queen.
Thank yous
During the vote of thanks, Ilke Platt, founder of Poiyah Media, thanked main sponsors ABInBev and the Avani for sponsoring the event, as many entrepreneurs need such funding to create impactful platforms.
Legal & corporate affairs manager of AB InBev Alexanderie Basson applauded the organisers for developing the initiative that allows more empowered women in society. “This event aligns with our brand promise which cultivates strong women who can relax responsibly after all of their hard work as a mother, wife, corporate and just a woman,” she said.
The next event takes place in Tsumeb in September. For more info, contact the organisers through social handle @the_little-black_dress_event.