Best in the land on the chess board emerge

Champions were celebrated at the prize-giving of the 2024 Bank Windhoek Namibian national championship.
The final round of the 2024 Bank Windhoek Namibian national chess championships was held at the Nictus Cultural Centreon Tuesday .
The final round featured some fierce confrontations on the chess board as competitors competed for the top positions in their divisions. Players exhibited their best strategic thinking, tactical abilities and mental fortitude in each game.
It was a day of triumph for the winners in their respective categories. The champions received their medals and monetary rewards during a ceremony that recognized their effort and talent in the game.
The final standings and winners of the Bank Windhoek 2024 Namibian national chess championship were as follows:

2024 National Chess Champion
1. Heskeil Ndahangwapo, finished with 7.5 points out of 9 rounds. Heskiel is the defending champion from 2023.

2024 National Women's Chess Champion
1. Lutopu Khoa, finished with 7 points out of 9 rounds. Khoa was awarded an official National Master (NM) title for winning the women's section.

The next eight best players (four men, four women) together with the national champion and women's national champion will make up Namibia's national chess team to represent the country at all continental and international senior tournaments until 2025. The squad will soon start preparing for the 45th Chess Olympiads in Budapest, Hungary to be held in September this year. Here are the team compositions:

Men's (Open) National Team 2024:
1 NM Heskiel Ndahangwapo (gold medal)
2 CM Charles Eichab (silver medal)
3 Bernhard Schwarz (bronze medal)
4 NM Goodwill Khoa
5 NM Max Baron Nitzborn

Women's National Team 2024:
1 NM Luopu Khoa (gold medal)
2 WCM Jamie-Nicole Beukes (silver medal)
3 WCM Jolly-Joice Nepando (bronze medal)
4 Celeste Swartz
5 WFM Rauha Shipindo-Mulisa

In the B-Section which was open to all players, the following players took podium places.

B-Section Open:
1 Silas Nghipandulwa (finished with 7 points out of 9 rounds; earned himself a direct spot in the 2025 National Closed Championship.)
2 Stefan Becker (silver medal)
3 Junior Nafimane Heita (bronze medal)

Best Male Junior in B-Section:
1 Fidel Boois (gold medal)

B-Section Women:
1 Shadah Uanguta (was the only player throughout the tournament to achieve 8 points out of 9 rounds. She only lost her last match. She also earned herself a direct spot in the 2025 National Closed Championship.)
2 Vekuaterua Kaimu (silver medal)
3 Maxine Jeanine Hoabes (bronze medal)

Best Female Junior in B-Section:
1. Iyaloo Hamutumwa (Gold medal)