Eagles women to debut in Ghana

The Capricorn Eagles face South Africa at the African Games today.
Tielman Van Lill
The Namibia women’s cricket team, the Capricorn Eagles, is gearing up passionately to make its mark at the African Games hosted in Ghana.
The women’s cricket starts today and Namibia wil face the South African Proteas this morning. The historic tournament marks cricket’s grand entrance into the African Games for the first time.
The Capricorn Eagles are looking forward to showcase a good brand of cricket against formidable opponents from across the continent. Placed in Group A alongside South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria, the Eagles aim to deliver thrilling performances and compete for a spot in the final.
Group B features equally competitive teams namely Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya, ensuring a fiercely contested tournament.
With T20 International status awarded upon the competition, the stakes are high, offering participating teams valuable ranking points. The Namibians are currently rank 17th in the world. They are determined to showcase their trademark brand of cricket at the African Games.
The Capricorn Eagles’ usual captain Irené van Zyl will not be part of the tour. Stepping into her shoes is Yasmeen Khan, a seasoned all-rounder who will lead the team in Ghana. New talent has been added to the squad, enhancing the depth of the team lineup.
The Capricorn Eagles player squad consists of Yasmeen Khan, Kayleen Green, Arrasta Diergaardt, Wilka Mwatile, Mekelaye Mwatile, Mezerly !Gorases, Edelle van Zyl, Naomi Benjamin, Saima Tuhadeleni, Victoria Hamunyela, Didi Foerster, Leigh-Marie Visser, Rianie Esterhuizen, Bianca Manuel and Sylvia Shihepo.

After the three pool matches the two top teams of each group will face each other in the semifinals as indicated below.
7 March, Capricorn Eagles v South Africa (11:30 Namibian time).
8 March, Capricorn Eagles v Nigeria (11:30).
10 March, Capricorn Eagles v Tanzania (11:30).
11 March, Semi-Final 1 A1 v B2 (11:30).
11 March, Semi-Final 2 B1 v A2 (15:50).
13 March, Third place playoff (11:30).
13 March, Final (15:50).