Uis relives spectacle of aviation

2024 Uis Fly-In
Heiner Schlusche emerged as the overall competition winner.
Andrew Poolman
The ninth annual Uis Fly-In, organized by LISAMA (Light Sport and Amateur-built Aircraft Association of Namibia), captivated aviation enthusiasts and locals in the picturesque town of Uis.
Pilots, aviation friends and families arrived with a total of 31 aircraft showcasing the thrill of flight and the strong sense of community. As in previous years, the Fly-In attracted pilots and their family and friends from South Africa as well. A group of six pilots flew all the way up from Morning Star and Cape Town respectively.
With the majestic Brandberg as backdrop, Uis offered the perfect venue despite the first cold front of the season hitting in full force. The Uis community was again a perfect host, supplying ample accommodation, including camping facilities at the airfield.
A strong and cold wind on Friday did not deter the participants in showcasing their flying skills in some sightseeing before the first pilots briefing. Dr. Henk Koster, an accomplished rally and precision pilot, had organized a number of events for the weekend.
After the completion of pilot and aircraft registrations, the first exercise was the navigational skills test. The route took the pilots and navigators around the majestic Brandberg. Each aircraft was equipped with a logger that recorded every turn the pilots took and showed the mishaps of anyone who got lost in the desolate Namibian vastness.
In the afternoon, after another briefing, a skills flying test was held to test accuracy around three pylons within close proximity of the airfield.
On another cold Saturday, after the pilots’ briefing, pilots and navigators treated the spectators by showing off their exceptional skills during the spot landing exercise.
At the evening’s prize-giving, the following trophies and prizes were handed out:
Best Spot Landings: 1 Mike Böttger (RV-8). 2 Nadja Braune (Cheetah), 3 Heiner Schlusche (Cheetah).
Best Navigation: 1 Martin Hauser (Switzerland, Piper Cherokee 6). 2 Martin Venn (South Africa, RV-7). 3 Matthias Röttcher (RV-7).
Best Skills Test: 1 Martin Hauser (Switzerland, Piper Cherokee 6). 2 Charl Starke (South Africa, Flight Design CTLS), 3 Heiner Schlusche (Cheetah).
Best Radio Procedure: Matthias Röttcher (RV-7).
Best Airmanship: Martin Venn (South Africa, RV-7).
Overall Winner: Heiner Schlusche (Cheetah). 2 Martin Hauser (Piper Cherokee 6). 3 Mike Böttger (RV 8).
The Uis Fly-In not only showcased the excitement of aviation, but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and community spirit. Visitors enjoyed the festivities and savoured the local cuisine catered by Brandberg Restcamp. Strangers became friends, united by their shared passion for flight.
The memories of this remarkable celebration of flight will linger, leaving behind a promise of future soaring adventures. The Uis Fly-In stands as a testament to the unifying power of aviation and the timeless beauty found in the skies above.
All pilots showed great flying skills, airmanship and radio procedures as no ATC was present and unmanned airfield procedures were followed. Multiple simultaneous movements were conducted by the aviators during the Brandberg-Uis Fly-in and never was there any encroachment or congestion of airspace or runways.
LISAMA expressed thanks to its many sponsors without whose contribution, this event would not have had the character and spirit of general flying in Namibia.