Namibia wins 10th Icestocksport Africa Cup

Namibia won gold, silver and bronze medals at the 10th Africa Cup in Icestocksport that took place in Libreville, Gabon, from 28 to 30 June.
Participating teams were from Gabon, Kenya and Namibia.
Team Namibia returned home with satisfying results, winning the team game with a spotless record of 12 points to 0. This was thanks to the remarkable accuracy of Jesaja Mweshipopya, a long-time national icestocksport player.
In the target shooting portion, while not winning gold, the success carried over from the team game, as silver and bronze were brought home by Detlef Pfeifer and Jesaja Mweshipopya, respectively. Only Kenya’s Douglas Sang reached a higher score, winning the gold medal for his country.
Despite the currently relatively small footprint of icestocksport in Africa, the Icestocksport Association of Namibia is proud to have won its 8th out of 10 Africa Cups since 2004.
Additionally, the association is looking forward to developing the sport in Africa, with Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria and Tunisia already having joined the International Icestocksport Federation as official members.