Namibia’s icestock champions crowned

The Icestock Association of Namibia hosted its team and target-shooting championships recently after a few years of inactivity.
During two separate events, both filled with excitement and some healthy anxiety and the satisfying sound of Icestocks smashing each other out of the rink, the Namibian Icestock players battled it out for the first place.
The team game was played in twos in the ladies’, mixed and men’s categories teams was won by Karin Curschmann (DTS) and Marelize Nortje, Allison and Pewe Fourie, and father and son team, Franz and Max Feilmeier respectively.
The target shooting championship was hosted for individual players, in the ladies’ and men’s categories. Of the four ladies, third and second positions went to Marelize Nortje with 113 points and Karin Curschmann with 118 points, respectively. Winning the section and setting a new African record for the discipline in the process, was the long-time player Corne Smit with an astounding 282 points.
In the men’s division, Max Feilmeier took third spot with 235 points, behind Detlef Pheifer at 243 points. Franz Feilmeier won the division with 251 points.
The national championships were a success, and the Icestock Association of Namibia is looking forward to its next events.
Further enquiries can be directed to Max Feilmeier at 081 375 6781, or send an email to [email protected]