NESA: Qualifiers over, finals ahead

The Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA) announced the successful conclusion of the qualifier rounds for the titles of Tekken 7 and eFootball2022.
For Tekken 7, the first placement is Johannes “KarmaLoki” Johannes, who fought it out against second placed Hassel “Kaeizo” Kabajani and third placed Ashallo “Beerus Sama” Morkel.
In eFootball, the reigning athlete is Mandume “Tate_Mandume” Kaukungwa, ahead of second-placed Fernando “Nanjaras” de Sousa and Rusian “El Beasting” Ndanyengwa in third place.
For the online qualifiers for PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), NESA announced the following winners:
PUBG Mobile concluded with 『卄』 Squad taking first place, nADEnATION running up in second, and Silas King taking third.
CS:GO saw the leading team Tiape, followed by second place Big Chungus, and third place Talon Gaming.
In MLBB, the first place team is Oryx Esports, with runners up in second The Noob Nation, and third place Pro Karma.
Finals this weekend
With the qualifiers settled, NESA looks forward to the finals on Saturday and invites top athletes from both 1ualifier rounds to compete for the title of Namibian champion in all games.
The finals take place at the MTC Innovation Centre at Maerua Mall from 09:00 to 17:00. While only the top athletes for each game title can participate, the doors are open for spectators and supporters.
• The Top 12 CS:GO athletes to participate in the finals are Ilario "NoWher3" Izaks, Andries "Fluye" Wahl, Talon "Shackles" Izaks, Alexander "Dykie" van Dyk, John "Albatraoz" Berry, Ezee "TheEzZ" Viljoen, Hermann "Kazzii" Koch, PJ "Sentinal" Tromp, Gideon "G-MAN" Buys, Danie "Muller" Muller, Pieter "P9T" Kok, and Wim "Tinky Winky" van der Plas.
• The Top 10 DotA 2 athletes are Franlo "FreyTiX" Meyer, Nathan "Dr.OG" Duarte, Jurgen "Phycodamage" Teichert, Benjamin "Biffs" Staden, Mauro "PoRRa07" Teles, Dihan "DiViNE" Boshoff, Wouter "LessEgosMoreAmigos" Zyl, Jaco "Deoc" Coetzer, Tristan "PRINGLES" Volschenk, and Francois "Poison" Rautenbach.
• The Top 6 eFootball2022 athletes are Fernando “Nanjaros” de Sousa, Mandume “Vasilias” Kaukungwa, Rashaad “Jinx” Matjila, Rusian “El Beasting” Ndanyengwa, Edan “Fluffy” Farmer, and Mbahahiza “Don Bizza” Katjinamunene.
• The Top 16 Tekken 7 athletes are Ashallo “Beerus Sama” Morkel, Hassel “Kaeizou” Kabajani, Johannes “KarmaLoki” Johannes, Matias “Kandali” Fillemon, Cy “Kaido” Mwangala, Mazila ”Zubscop” Mazila, Gerhard “Afduim” Opperman, Rianelico “JPSniper” D’Almeida, William “Ntrpy” Alexander, Damien “Shacosis” Britz, David “Re4Per” Beukes, Edan “Fluffy” Farmer, Oliver Luther “Sir-Ravioli” Stoffels, Wilgano “JLBlazer” D’Almeida, Janet “Jay-rider” Tonchi, Sakaria “FloatWater” Muremi.
• The Top 10 MLBB athletes are Amourie-Johann “SlasherVT” Druker, Deano “ASF Deaman” Doyle, Mazila “Zubscop” Mazila, Richard “Tridan” van Wyk, Lourens “BrewMasterM” du Plessis, Andries “NumroHolic” Steyn, Razhime “Mortc_137” Bezuidenhoudt, Alicia “Alicat” Kotze, William “Ntrpy” Alexander, and Clive “killerclown” van Wyk.
• The Top 12 PUBG Mobile athletes are Harry “RedZ0ne” Greyling, Michelle “VMxSHELLS” Steyn, Elvin Meduletu “Loc” Shikulo, Nekwaya “jone” Haitembu, Dean “Bludshot” Olivier, Jay “Jay” Schwartz, Laudon “LochN3ss” Olivier, Rusian “El Beasting” Ndanyengwa, Phillipus “Phillipusmath” Matheus, Silas “Silaskeendjele” Keendjele, Hiruu Kangueehi, Andimba “DoGood87” Iilonga.
More info is available on the NESA Facebook page as well as .