OM Wealth partners with the Veld Shooting team

Old Mutual Wealth Namibia announced its sponsorship of the Namibian Veld Shooting team for the 4th World Hunting Rifle Shooting Championships that took place at Otjiwa Lodge from 10 to 15 June. The sponsorship included the procurement of specialised shooting jackets for the team, supporting their participation in this prestigious event.
The Namibian team delivered outstanding performances across several categories during the championships, showcasing exceptional skill and determination against competitors from South Africa, Sweden and the Czech Republic.
Namibian shooters, benefiting from the sponsorship excelled in various categories.
Karola Marais was crowned the .222/.223 Ladies World Champion, while Francois Marais Snr became the .222/.223 Seniors World Champion. Francois Marais Jnr not only won the Overall .222/.223 title but also retained his overall Open World Champion title.
The Namibian .223 team secured second place with 12 348.8 points in the .222/.223 national team’s competition, and in the .222/.223 President team’s category, the Namibia 223 Presidents team placed second with 11 458 points.
In the Ladies Category, Karola Marais achieved first place. In the Men's Category, Stephanus Marais Jnr secured first place, and Schalk Barnard placed third. In the Senior Category of the Open Championship, Stephanus Marais Snr won first place in the Senior 50-59 category.
Additionally, in the Men's Category of the Open Championship, Stephanus Marais Jnr took first place, Michael Barlow came in fourth and Luandre Benade finished fifth.
Demographic shift
The increasing participation of juniors and ladies, making up close to 25% of the competitors, bodes well for the future of this precision shooting sport. This demographic shift reflected a growing interest and talent pool within the sport, ensuring its longevity and competitiveness in the years to come.
Wikus Fourie, chief executive of Old Mutual Wealth, is excited about the partnership, stating, "We were honoured to support the Namibian Veld Shooting Tteam as they represented our nation on the international stage. This sponsorship underscored our belief in the power of dedication and precision, qualities that resonate deeply with both shooting sports and wealth management."
Celeste van der Merwe, Marketing Representative of the Namibian Hunting Rifle Shooting Association (NHRSA), emphasiszed the significance of the sponsorship for the future of the sport. "This sponsorship was incredibly meaningful as it represents a strong vote of confidence in our shooters' potential and dedication. It provided the resources needed to excel and contributed to the overall elevation of the sport."