AI in the spotlight

Namibia plays host to ASSCo
The African Strategic Solutions Conference (ASSCo) is set to take place in Windhoek on 7 and 8 November under the theme “Relevance of Human Capital in a Transforming Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Era”.
This follows the successful inaugural event held in Gaborone, Botswana, last year.
The platform not only allows for the exchange of innovative ideas, it is also an opportunity to immerse key role players in their respective industries.
In an era marked by rapid advancements in AI and Digital Transformation, Thabo Andile Mhlanga, founder of ASSCo and conference lead manager, emphasised the significance of this event.
“What truly sets Namibia apart is its people and the tapestry of cultures they represent. The country is home to various ethnic groups, each with its unique traditions and contributions to the nation’s rich cultural mosaic. We were humbled by the warm welcome we received from the people of Namibia and the opportunity to learn about their customs, languages, and heritage. Through understanding our cultural diversities and similarities it makes it easier to navigate discussions around AI to customise our learnings from our various countries and rope in similar methods of experiences challenges and opportunities alike,” Mhlanga said.
The impact of AI and Digital Transformation on communication and public relations cannot be understated. Therefore, organisations are urged to empower their workforce in areas of change, adaptation and efficiency when dealing with AI and Digital Transformation.
The trio of Communication, PR and Marketing (CPM) forms the driving force that propels organisations to greater heights since a proficient and up-to-date CPM team is pivotal to an organisation's success.
The conference aims to position African professionals as leaders in researching, developing, and implementing cutting-edge strategies aligned with current trends and tailored to address the challenges faced by CPM departments across Africa.
By bringing together the brightest minds in African CPM, this event aims to brainstorm solutions and establish global-standard strategies for the market space.
Speaking of the event, Poiyah Media founder Ilke Platt expressed the importance of their collaboration with ASSCo.
“We look forward to celebrating the wonders of Namibia and the success of ASSCo 2023. Together, we will explore new horizons, foster meaningful connections, and work towards solutions that benefit not only Africa but the world at large. Through the endorsement of the Ministry of Information Communication Technology, we look forward to Honourable Dr Peya Mushelenga's keynote remarks to place our conference in perspective and where our discussions fit in the bigger picture. We are honoured to have our Namibian panellists and speakers availing their expertise at this given platform.”
Besides Mushelenga, other speakers include Shoki Kandjimi, a Communications and Public Relations Practitioner from the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology; Nashilongo Gervasius, a Public Interest Technologist and Lecturer at the Namibia University of Science and Technology; Dr Esperance Luvindao; Dr Stanley Shanapinda; Dr Taime Sylvester; Dr Nelson Makemba; Lisa Matamola; Marfio Fortunato (FNB); Demetri Matsi (HR specialist DM Interim); Selma Kaulinge (Nedbank); and Tebogo Sebego (Botswana Post).
This conference invites professionals from digital and technology-based organisations, media and advertising staff, CEOs and top-level managers, human resources and capital personnel, marketing heads and digital marketing practitioners, public relations officers and communication specialists.
Join the second African Strategic Solutions Conference in Windhoek and be part of the transformation shaping the future of AI, Digital Transformation, and CPM in Africa.
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