Botswana banking on Paratus

Affirming that the Paratus Botswana network is not only fast and reliable but always on, Paratus announced that the majority of banks in Botswana are now using its quality network services in some form.
This news came as Paratus signed the full network services for another pan-African bank in Botswana.
Banks and financial services companies cannot afford interrupted connections at any time, because internet banking and electronic or digital channels are now the primary banking channels are used by most banking customers. Therefore, quality links are essential and required to provide highly secure, fast, reliable connectivity with 100% uptime.
“The fact that the majority of the banking community is using Paratus is a real testament to our network offering,” says Shawn Bruwer, Country MD of Paratus Botswana. “Our service is especially attractive to the banking industry because of our fibre ring in Gaborone, which we own and run, and our superior network connections to Namibia, South Africa and beyond, all of which are independent. We have an unequalled network infrastructure, which provides seamless connectivity within Botswana and to anywhere in the world.”
Bruwer emphasised the strength of the Paratus MPLS network infrastructure, which spans diverse African regions, guaranteeing dependability, fortified security and remarkable efficiency. “By investing in our own network, we aim to present an offering to the banking industry that is not only compelling but also indispensable.”