Government to address data costs

Elizabeth Kheibes
The information, communication and technology (ICT) ministry is taking "proactive steps" to address the cost of data in Namibia.
This according to minister Peya Mushelenga, who said “mobile operators have introduced packages that give citizens access to more data for the same price as in the past. We are taking proactive steps in this direction through our 26 rural ICT centres. Therefore, citizens should anticipate experiencing the results of these changes in this ‘Year of Expectations’”.
Speaking at an annual ministry staff meeting, Mushelenga also addressed developments in safeguarding Namibia from cybercrime.
"In 2022, Namibia recorded over 2.7 million cyberattacks. Hackers steal people's data and use it for their benefit. They further damage the reputations of institutions.
“We have since paid attention to cybersecurity architecture by developing solid systems and protocols to protect our digital assets and personal data. The establishment of the National Cybersecurity Incident Response Team was a critical step in our proactive response to cyberthreats," he added.
With the due date for all SIM card registrations nearing, Peya Mushelengacautioned that this would be the last call.
"The policy was adopted by the government to mitigate security concerns, address crime and enable the application of digital services.
“By 31 December 2023, all SIM cards should have been registered. As of 26 January, we had 2 387 777 active SIM cards, but unfortunately only 1 694 744 had been registered - 70. 97%.
“I must clearly state that a grace period cannot further be extended. The date of 31 March is final," he said.