Just In: MTC SIM registrations in person only

MTC has warned against scammers abusing the requirement for customers to register their SIM cards. In light of this, the service provider insists that people may only register in person at their offices or mobile homes, and not by using the *68966# code. MTC refers to a social media post that advises people to avoid queuing by using this code. Although the code belongs to MTC, its purpose is to register for their electronic voucher system. This system is used by entrepreneurs who buy and resell MTC credit in bulk. This is known as an MTC E-Voucher. Furthermore, MTC warns against scammers who pretend to work for the service provider and go from house to house under the guise of helping people to register. A fee is allegedly asked for this service, while the thieves then also steal information from people's identity cards. When registering at MTC's offices or mobile homes, customers must bring an identity document and proof of residency.